More excuses! NOT ANYMORE!

Finals in 2 weeks, I missed lots of classes during my travelling time and I had to make up for it, I've worked two jobs and had to deal with stupid wallet issues, I am looking for a new place to stay, and and...

Let's stop all these stupid excuses and just focus on finishing what I have started!

I've started that puzzle game, and my progress is... well, just have a look:
What I have done so far.
(Use arrow keys to move around the cursor. That's it)
And then go ahead and have a look at the changelog.
It's not entirely true, but reflects the project in a pretty good way.

Anyways, I have also purchased a new game, and as some people of you know, I am still a huge Nintendo fan and yes, I do like games that seem to be for little kids, but are actually super cool but most of the people do not understand.
I bought Animal Crossing New Leaf for the 3DS, and it's super fun!

Okay anyways, I don't have ton of time to talk about things I want to do in the future or whatnot. I have to learn for finals now and try to wrap up that puzzle game.
See you!

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