Jetpack Pants!

Well here you go!
Sorry I didn't provide any further info, because I crunched through it and I am going skiing until March and oh gawd no time left!
It works the same way as my previous game, you can check it out on "Games" at the top.
Just download it here!
Have fun! And let me know in case you actually won the game, because it gets pretty rough at the end... Yay!
My post-mortem post will com in March, bye bye!


Updates! (About no Updates and misc)

Well well well.
What should I say.
Okay, first, I just wrote my last exam (it went alright) so I finally feel at ease. I did have a week off before that exam and since I wasn't learning alot, I could have worked on my february game... But from the words you probably already got the point:
I didn't.
I do have an excuse, but that doesn't change the status quo: My game will not be a very finished-like one at the end of the month. PLUS I only have this week left because I am going skiing in the last week of february! My plans are to just make... like 3 levels, and you can't select the level, and then you juuust.. win or die. Whatever. Add some boost maybe. I kind of just want to wrap it up or something...

I have big news on my upcoming game(s)!
I teamed up with @tobiaseriksson a very cool computer science student and our ideas are really promising for march! I am super excited to work with him, and I will finally take a huge step away from that terrible java (which by the way is the only language I have learned so far, but the packaging is just aweful), and we will try to work with HAXE! A... I don't know really.
It's funny, we both don't know Haxe alot yet.. but it'll work out just fine!
Go check out my partners website ont www.tobier.se!