Stoic Week 2013!

So, apart from me being so absent and all, here something very different:
From a reddit post I have heard of "Live like a stoic for a week - 2013" and for me being excited about new things like that, I am totally in!

If you don't know how a stoic lives, then we're in the same boat!
I've just started thinking about it, but we all should probably check this link out:


It has a full blown handbook (kinda tl;dr-ish) with instructions for each day next week. They also want you to participate in surveys before and after the stoic week.
So that's that.

For my gaming development stuff: It's been extremely slow, because I am working on other projects and working hard for school right now, so I am delaying the next game, mercy please! At least I am not lazy, right?