The minimalistic May Challenge

People keep asking me: "What about your next game?".
Amazing, right? Although I don't have anything to show yet about my new game, this is making me very happy! People are actually expecting me to make new games, and want to find out more about it!
Seriously, this kind of feels like a little baby-step towards my dream to be a cool Game Developer, yeah!

Oh, but have you heard about my new game? Nope! I am a little lazy about my game lately, but don't worry!!! I am extremely eager to finish this game this month.
It's a fairly simple game, a puzzle game inspired by Pokemon Puzzle League (highfive to the fans of this game o/), and again I will try to not focus on the appearances. That way I should be able to release at least a minimalistic game this month.

So, like I said I am quite busy this month! There's a lot of Real Life going on lately, that's why I havn't been in the webs these days. Let me introduce you to my American friend @MeganPraz, she's an awesome animator and is visiting me in my humble Trier right now!
You should definitely check out her website if you want to see some cool stuff, plus she even made a little videogame, yeah!

The last two days we've spent a lot of time in trains, exploring Heidelberg and the Black Forest part of Baden-Baden. Here are some expressions of the trip:


Yes, I am working on my game, but doing little to no progress :/ As soon as I am doing progress though, I will let you know, yes? Just look out for some twitter posts, I promise, I will finish this game!

Don't forget to check out Megan's Twitter and website!
Happy weekend, everybody!