My Games

Live up to it!
The Game from my team of the Global Game Jam 2014! This was made in 48hours, and it is a narrative and decision driven game, so please check it out!
Created with Unity
Playable in Browser, Mac, and Windows (maybe Linux, too, someday)
January 2014

My LudumDare26-Attempt and December Entry for OneGameAMonth is a messed up physics car collecting items game. Trust me, it's not that much fun, but the music is quite good. Go ahead and try out that madness yourself!
Created with Unity3D
Playable in Browser, and with for Linux Users with a Linux Build
December 2013

Crazy Lava Game Thing
The March entry for is a topdown Crazy Taxi-like 2D game, where you deliver the people in they weird crazy lava town!
Written in Haxe, using the HaxePunk engine.
Flash, playable in the Browser.
March 2013

Jetpack Pants
The February Entry of, a procedural runner game with a jetpack feature. It's very prototype-y because I had barely time in that month.
Written in Java with Slick2D and LWJGL.
Windows only.
February 2013

My very first game, but maybe you still want to have a look!
Written in Java with Slick2D and LWJGL.
Windows only.
January 2013