Triforce Puzzle: MAYbe delayed; Travelling!

May game not finished in May, but will be done; Germany, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, France, Denmark, Sweden - Travel blog;

This has probably been one of the craziest months I had ... so far in my life - in a very positive way of course.

But #GameDev News first:

As you can tell from the title, because of the crazy circumstances, I will not be able to publish my May Game in May. Not even in the OneGameAMonth deadline ending in June 4th (maybe a prototype?).
But, as I have promised, this project is not grounded at all. I will finish it in June, hopefully very quickly, so I can work on my June/July game in C++ again (@Koutyboy, I'll need your help!).

So why the hack is this month's game delayed again?

Yeah I know, it's the second game in a row that I couldn't finish within a month. That doesn't mean I'm not trying!
In April it was mainly because I first had to learn C++, and then programming a game in C++ and I am still lacking a lot of programming skills! I even bought a "C++ GameDev" book!

May was different, though. In the middle of my second semester I was travelling around, coming to a crazy total of 7 countries I have visited or at least travelled through.
As you may know from my previous post, @MeganPraz was visiting in May, and after the exploration of some parts of Germany I was tagging along to Amsterdam and Paris for a week.

And if this wasn't enough of travelling and missing a lot of school, I am currently far up north in Sweden with my Mum after a crazy road trip of roughly 2,5k km (1,5k miles) checking out the outback!
The most confusing thing here really is, that currently in the summer the sun never goes down completely and it's always light out.. it's midnight right now and I am not used to this at all!
Anyway, I should go to sleep, because tomorrow we are going to drive the whole way from Skelleftea back to Heilbronn and it's going to be extremely stressful on my body and mind, I could use some more sleep!

Here are some expressions of the Sweden trip so far:

This was taken o the ferry from Germany to Denmark at 6am-ish

One of the many many many lakes up here in Lappland. This one is right in front of our hotel!

The traditional houses of the natives of Lappland. And they are still in use!http://img854.imageshack.us/img854/7716/screen041ef.png

Alright guys!
Have a wonderful day, and stay tuned for progress on my game! Starting Monday, the crazy travel days have ended, and it's just some more crazy university learning and #GameDev-ing going on!

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