It's hard to focus these days

Yes, I have not finished the game prototype yet.
But I have not abandoned this game either! No really, it's just a matter of time, as always.

It's just so damn hard to focus right now! I have SO MUCH going on, and the way I am, I am also keeping myself happy with videogames and ultimate despite all the tasks I need to do. I am in the middle of finals right now with 5 exams in the next 2 weeks so that's that.
Then there is lots and lots of stuff to organize for Gaffenberg, the huge kids summer camp which is also a big part of me and therefore quite important deal every year.

So right now I am basically studying and organizing stuff, not programming a single bit (pun intended), but I will go back in to this work flow probably in September. For me learning and working on projects is like going with the flow, the waves of energy that go in different directions. For the beginnin of the year, I had waves going towards gamedeving, and for the time being they're crashing on Gaffenberg, Gaming and Music. And this is okay! That's the way I work and I have to deal with it. Once I am back into programming though, you can expect some stuff to look at, but for now I have to take care of the exams and prepare an awesome summer at my favourite place in the world with thousands of kids!

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