It feels like I have to relearn everything I know about programming

April is tough people!
And don't expect a finished game this month, k?

So long story short, I am in my second semester of computer science now, and I basically have started programming with beginning of the year (first semester was so noobish, I don't count it in) with Java and Haxe.
@tobiaseriksson and I have decided to make this game now with C++ in order to learn something from it. And people, you know, C++ is tough for a beginner!

We're using SFML (Simple Fast Multimedia Library), and we're basically writing our own engine, using a component and factory system. I am super excited about how it will turn out!

The game concept is still very vague, it's going to be a vertical jump and run containing a very evil greek mythology figure in a new light! I don't want to spoil more, in case we change our minds haha!
And with some luck, we are able to release a prototype for this month!
Please stay tuned~

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