Crazy Lava Taxi Game Thing

This is the game of March!
Whoever has an idea what "Crazy Taxi" is about, and loves Lava... well thats your game!

You are a taxi in the crazy lava city with crazy lava people, and those people want to go somewhere else, and you have to help them with their problem.
But these folks are in a hurry, so you better drive as fast as you can to drive them to their destination.

And please note: DO NOT TOUCH THE LAVA.
It's going to cost you some precious time. And as you know, time is money, and your lifetime is limited and constantly running out.

Everytime you are doing a good job at delivering those people, you get paid with more lifetime. When you're too slow, you still have to deliver them, but you're not going to get anything of the time back!

Your goal is to find and deliver all the people on the map. The game ends when either you found all the people and delivered them or your time goes down to 0.
(Btw, everytime you do touch the lava, you loose 5 seconds!)
So, you're in for the game, yes?
You can easily play it in your browser! Please check out the text below the game for instructions and controls!

This game is written using haxe and the engine haxepunk, with the IDE FlashDevelop.

For older versions and prototypes, follow these Links!

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