April game cancelled... FOR NOW!

Thats the headline for today, yes. I will delay my beloved C++ project with @tobiaseriksson, unfortunately. I am not being all pessimistic, but I just started learning C++ (in class we havn't even talked about pointers or classes yet) so it's really no good to try and make a game with it.
Nevertheless, this has just made me want to learn C++ even more, and I am eagerly attending the C/C++ class.

Thanks to @Koutyboy (aka Moonkis in #1GAM IRC channel) I am now part of #TeamC++ and that makes me super excited about learning and studying C++ really.
So as soon the time has come, I will get on to the C++GameDev train again to finish what I have started with @tobiaseriksson!

So, whats next then?

I am already planning for my next game, yeah! I will make it in Haxe again, since I prefer that over Java. I want to use the HaxePunk Engine again, and I already know my Theme too..

Triforce Seekers!

To all the German folks, if you're interested, go and look into www.triforceseekers.de, it's my little Zelda Community I have built up with my friend @keatonkafei and it's all about the Zelda universe and their flaws (aka Bugs, Glitches and so on).
And as a tribute to this community I want to make a game with it's name as a theme. I have no idea yet what kind of game I want to make. A puzzle game? Adventure? Maybe a textadventure or a point and click adventure? Something weirdly new?
I have asked my community for help, so maybe I can come up with something fun in May!

I am looking forward to this project! Although May will be very stressful and busy for me, I don't have to learn Haxe from srcatch (like in March) and maybe it will work out :)

Today's trivia:
Now I will attend my first ever pen&paper game yes! We're playing Call of Cthulu, it sounds like a real fun, and creepy experience! Have a nice day everyone~

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