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So today, I have probably made one of the last bit of finetuning on my game.
As I said in the last post, I balanced the rupees again. The golden one being worth 50 rupees, going down to the green one which is worth 1.
The black ones are now worth -3, so it actually is worth it to avoid them.

But way more interesting is the following thing I have implemented. So I was thinking about, how I would be able to make it more interesting for the player to take more risks, in that I mean, trying to reach the very top in a very small amount of time. So I have implemented a new highscore system, where you receive other points by bringing those rupees to your wife AS FAST AS YOU FROGGIN CAN!

//Highscore Berechnung!
highscore += (long) ((timerBar.getWidth()/1) * frog.getRupeeaInBag());

It's basically: Time that is left * Rupees you collected.
Whereas the time is a number between 1 and 100. I tested it a little bit, and it is reaallyy worth it to take the whole course to the other side and then bring it up to yo wife.

Here's what the score page looks like now:
Yeah its kind of not aligned but whatever.

Especially when you did a bad job! Okay! I think I am done for today (5am in the morning...).
I hope I am going to release a browser capable game soon, hang in there!

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