Almost at the finish line!

Ever heard of the 90-90 rule?
It's like the slap in the face when you start to wrap up your project. Yes, by using the word "start" I imply, that this is again a whole different story.
The Ninety-Ninety Rule simply means, that the last 10 percent of your project takes another 90% of your time. That makes a total of 180%.

So in November (yep.) I started to work on frogger. So when I made some progress (like a few cars or when my frog was able to walk on the logs in the river) I felt pretty good, because I thought there would soon be an end. So then before Christmas break, I have probably hit the 90%.
And right now I am just hoping theres not another 90&% time for the last tiny 1% of my project!

Yes. I.. made some progress. Okay, I was very lazy the last few days. But I have added alot more rupees. The whole idea is, that rupees will spawn more or less randomly, worth less at the bottom, and going up high at the top, so the further away you go with your frog, the more you get out of it!
Let's see how this looks so far:

Okay, theres a couple things to say here:
1. The title is wrong at the top. Just noticed this. Putting it o my todo list right now!
2. there are 2 new rupees! The red ones ar worth 5, and the golden ones are quite rare and worth 10 rupees!
3. There are 4 segments: Number 1 the street. Alot green rupees (+1) and lesser black ones (-1), the spawn alot. Segment 2 is the middle thingy, they always spawn, alot of green, very few black ones. It's like a little "Yay you've made it across the street!". The third part obviously is the river. Not alot spawning going up there, but theres ones and alot blues there! And the top, where you get alot of blues (+3), a few reds, and on occasion a golden one. Yeah you want that one right? Yeah you want it.
4. So there are different strategies going on here, I know. Basically you can just go on the street, go back, easy money! I have not yet found a way to not let people do that, or let's say to discourage them to do that. Maybe I have to put up the money at the top. Like golden ones are worth 50 (but super duper rare), red ones are 20, blue ones are 10, and green ones really are just worth 1. Yup. Put on my todo list!

So anyway. Yeah. That's basically my game! I know. It's NOTHING close to be great, I totally know. I am still a little proud of it, it's my first game after all, and I am SO close to be done with it and then store it safely in my portfolio. (wait. I need to make a browser-capable version of it so you guys can play it!)

Anyway, I know this frogger thing is basically a big piece of shit, the game mechanics suck, the menu is kind of overworked, and overall it's not a lot of fun.
But I am a beginner.
This is the very first step in a new direction.
Please read this.

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