Music, Menu, How To Play, Credit, Game Over w/ Score

That's a big update! YEAH!

Happy new years everybody!
Finally, onegameamonth launched, so I worked a little extra hard on my January entry!

I have 5 things I added this time:

  1. Music
  2. Menu screen with selectable items
  3. How To Play screen
  4. Credit screen
  5. Game Over screen with Score
1. Music
I added different awesome tracks for the various screens, all made by Kevin Macleod from http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free//! Please check him out, he is an awesome artist.
I used all the songs from this collection.

The menu screen is probably my favourite, it's "Spazzmatic Polka" (on the 2nd page) and it's  such an oldschool annoying soundtrack, you are happy to skip the menu and just play the friggin game.
Somehow this track reminds me of the old Bomberman game, so it appealed to me very quickly!

The actual game has the track "Theme for Harold" Variation 1 (the slowest one). It's an easygoing track, and I thought it would fit the overall look of my game.
The gameover screen features the track "Dungeon Level", which is kind of depressing, maybe it motivates the people to play the game more often. Or it just depresses them too much. We'll see!

2. Menu

3. How To Play

Note: the sentence "press enter.." is flashing!

4. Credits

The sentence "press enter" is flashing as well here. I tried to  give credit to everybody the right way. Please let me know when I did something wrong!
5. Game Over and Credits

"Press enter.." is flashing
And yeah. it's kind of empty here. But still, I love how the Counter worked out! First time I was using a spritesheet. Well I have rather used an Image with all the numbers and broke it down into SubImages. Then I break down the rupeecounter into an array of the numbers to render the every score-number individually! I'm proud, because it has worked out right away!

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