Feels good, man.

Feels so good to wrap up a project.
Awww yeeah.

Okay! I know, you want to play it now, right?!
Hold tight.

I was spending lots of lots of hours to try and make it as a runnable java webapplet (so you can lazily play it in the Browser, y'know) but... it didn't work at all. I am still working on it, asking my way through all the folks I know, so be a little more patient there!

All winows 64bit users! You are the lucky ones! You can already download and play the game!
5Frogger for Windows64
Please note that you have to have the latest JRE installed to run this Java Application.
Please notify me when it doesn't work (please include screenshots/any error messages), I am still learning about wrapping up projects in Eclipse, so I will try to make it work for everybody.
Soon I will .. officially.... "publish" my game, including a documentation, screens, highscores, and all different versions for the several OS's. Probably happens this week!

Btw, some changelog with a screen:
Took out the Hotdog (sorry hotdog), put in some stylish Itali car.
Also I deleted the poop in the river, and replaced it by actal wooden logs.

Note that the new car, the yellow one, is even more pixelated. Yes, I got tired of it :|

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