5Frogger for Windows, Mac and Linux

Note: This is not the super official post of my Frogger yet! Just wanted to let you know that I have packaged the game for the common operating systems now!


JRE (I think 1.6.1 will work too, but just get the latest version)

Please note: Your computer probably will tell you "NO NO DONT OPEN THIS, NOT SAFE! NOPE NOPE" but I assure you, this game is absolutely harmless.
Check out the source code if you would like, and you could even compile that stuff yourself if you don't trust me.
C'mon. You can trust me!

By the way, I know, this game is totally... unbalanced and not as fun as I wanted it to be. It does not have a dynamic level system, like it gets harder over time (ramping). It's just hard ... all the time! If you guys are lucky I might add 3 different difficulties, but other than that I am very much happy that I have wrapped up that project. This project was mainly done for school, and I did not have all the freedome I wanted to have. But it's okay, it helped me learn the fundementals of game programming!

EDIT: I uploaded the files on sourceforge instead of my dropbox! I think it's more convenient that way. The mac package will probably not work, but I will try to fix that. I have no idea about the linux version, let me know if it doesn't work either please!

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