Roasted Reviews #1

"Why is it called roasted reviews, and what is this even?!" 
Today I start my series of Roasted Reviews, where I review a one game of OneGameAMonth, randomly!
Well, I've come up with the term roasted because of several reasons:
  1. Roasted sounds like food is involved, and food is ALWAYS good
  2. I am desperatly trying to be funny, so I use this alliteration.
  3. It rhymes with toasted. Food reference again!
Let's just jump right in!

Today, I have randomly chosen:
Click to play it yourself.

It's a very neat game!
Its a little novel where you are a shopkeeper of a dungeon, and your boss is the boss of the dungeon. Super cool idea!
The graphics are really neat, but let me first describe the mechanics:
So basically what you do, you get the customers and you're supposed to make money and screw them up. 6 Customer-Waves, from stupid little dwarves to sorcerers and ladies, they try to sell and buy stuff at your shop.
You then have options to choose from, and it's actually not that easy.
After every round you see what you did wrong and what was good, and you can spend your money on cool upgrades which eventually will make it easier to screw up the customers!

What I love most about this game is the humor, and the mechanic works very well. What I think is a bummer is that the "main panel" for the most part is just one single picture, instead all the interaction is going on below it, in the textbox.

After all, thats a cool Ludum Dare (48h gamedev challenge) Game, it's worth a try, it surely make you giggle!

Roundin' it up with some screenshooters!

btw isn't the art beautiful!?

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