Frogger 1.01

I have tweeted this as well but let me tell you this:
There is no greater motivation then having people play your game and then come up to you telling you:
[16:26] <+Cald> hollowspecter, das spiel ist addictive!
 Its different when you make people testplay it or whatever. But knowing that I didn't ask him to play it, I think I didn't even give him the DL link. Anyways, you get the point.
It's awesome.
Especially because I don't think my game is fun.. alot.. it's balanced poorly, I don't even enjoy the original game, the game mechanics ok, but not special at all. And there is no ramping!

Maybe you still want to play it... after I bragged about it, ...
Because thanks to Cald (his twitter is @CaldK) I was able to fix some problems and I uploaded Version 1.01!


Maybe you want to submit a highscore? Yes? Go ahead! Just "Contact me" your highscore screenshot! And of course I'd be super happy if you give me some feedback on the game :) Thanks for reading!

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