It's a Frogger Clone where it's all about money family! You play the responsible father of the little frogger family you have created, bringing in the money in this little action birds-view game.
Feel free to check it out!

This game is written in Java 1.6, using the LWJGL and Slick2D libraries.

This is my OneGameAMonth January entry!

Here's a link to all the related blogposts!


Apparently, just windows is working so far? Sorry! I work on an applet~

Download the game

5Frogger Source Code on Github

Little FAQ
(or let's say, what I assume people might wanna know about it, because noone really asked questions about it)

1. Why is this game so friggin hard?
Because I was the one testplaying it probably. This is my very first game, and I did the mistake that I was the only one testing it, and since it's super boring testing out an easy game, it ended up pretty hard... But you can do it!

2. Where did you get the idea for that kind of game?
I study computer science in focus on videogame programming (sort of), and we had to program a unique clone of the frogger classic game. And I like Zelda so I've put in rupees. Yay!

3. What is "One Game A Month"?
Oh! You should really check it out! It's a very supportive and motivating community with over 3k of gamedevs, from Noobs (like me) up to the high class of awesome game developers, and together we try to MAKE games. You might know that, but whenever you start a project, it's the hardest part to stick with it and put it to an real end. One Game A Month is a personal challenge which an awesome community backing you up!

4. The game doesn't work. Help?
You will need the latest version of JRE (Java Runtime Environment) and unfortunately: Windows. Sorry!
For all the Mac/Linux users: this game isn't so great anyways! Don't worry!

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