2014 starts with a... game?

Not with a BANG but with a GAME!

Go ahead and click the image to go to the Game Jam website!

Yet another game jam I thought I'd try out just for the fun of it.
Yes, I have spent all night at New Years Eve to create a game!

What I did accomplish in this short timespan

I did come up with something!
It's quite a personal game, very narrational (at least in my head), and something very different.
It's a point and click / escape the room game inspired for example by 999, or other games.


For this I have used Unity's 2D options and I am quite happy with it, really!
So without any further ado, heres my New Years Game Jam Submission!

Out of my mind

Please note that this is just the mockup-art, and just the intro level. So theres not alot of playing involved.
But still, it was alot of fun to work on, and will be in the future, because I want to expand this game to be my 1GAM January submission.

@watacoso will be doing ALL the arts stuff which I am very thankful for and I can't wait to pep this intro up with his beautiful art!

What is the game about?

The game is about something everyone of us has in our minds, something unexplored, and once you start exploring this part of yourself, there is no going back. Once you have found a place unfound, you cannot forget about it.
In order to "get out of it" you have to explore it further and understand every aspect of this.
So exploring this game will eventually teach you to explore something yourself about yourself. Or maybe it's just fun to play point and click adventures!

I will keep you updated for this game! Happy new years!!


  1. Glad to see that you submitted something :)
    I am curious to see where this game is going and look forward to see it.
    One thing about the current version that I personally think is not ideal (yes it's just a mockup :)), is the speed that the text appears at (possibly too slow), as well as the typewriter sound (doesn't fit an introspective monologue that well for my taste) :)
    Hope to see more!

    1. Thank you for your feedback!
      After replaying this short segment time after time, I've lost the feeling for speed of the text and such.
      About the typewriter: You may be right! I'll try out different sounds and experiment with this.
      Thanks again!