No Fun FISSIX - The Game

Games always are designed to make fun, right?
This time I wanted to break the system and design a game that is no fun!

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The main and only menu!

Playing the game with no fun physics

What really happened with this game

This started off as a ludum dare nightmare, a weekend I have worked a days worth of hours, and was left with a few hours to come up with a game idea, learn unity and make it happen.
Obviously, as I have written in a previous blog post, this attempt has failed.

But I don't like throwing food away. Or unfinished projects. So I thought for the sake of OneGameAMonth I wrap this little thing called game up into whatever you see up there.

Because I am quite busy in the holidays, eating unhealthy food and having fun with friends, and actually working (really!), I did not have enough energy to make a game that is fun to play, so here you go!

Starring Bang Bong!

The music you hear in the game is made by Bang Bong, please check them out, they're a cool electro indie band from Germany, and thanks to them my game is actually some fun. Even if it is just playing it so you could listen to the music!

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