#GlobalGameJam14 and a little Oppression

I think I am back in the game!

I've just joined the Global Game Jam!
Probably the biggest Game Jam, and the perfect kind of special one because it is going to be my very first one!
It's kind of not a bad timing because my exams will start right after that week, there is no better time than that.

Oh and I've just registered for the on-site GGJ in Stuttgart. Let's hope I don't regret this decision! So this is going to be my first game jam and on site with 50 other people I've never met before. Sounds... scary?! Oh well.

Anyways, some more News! I've recently joined the awesome DWEAMTEAM with some folks I know from OneGameAMonth! The game will be called Opression and it already looks awesome. This is on a different level than the games I've made before.. with an awesome artist, a Sound Designer, and a rad Lead Programmer.
It's very exciting, with Standup Meetings and so forth!

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