Ludum Dare and Oppression going on!

Ludum Dare, a Community that makes thousands of games within 48 hours together!
Good evening my friends!
I'd like to talk to you about my newest motivation for Game Development! It's Game Jams! And even though I am super busy and I have to work for some real moneys this weekend, I am attending the Ludum Dare 28.

Ludum Dare 28 (#LD48)

By definition, this is not a game jam, because you are not gathering with multiple people but instead make a game of your very own within 48 hours (that's why the hashtag on twitter is #ld48).
It's basically called Ludum Dare because that is quite a challenge! It's about finishing a game with only the stuff you are making yourself (and maybe Open Source stuff), and that can cause in a lack of sleep.
Unfortunately, as I've said befor, I have to work Friday night and Saturday night, so I basically just have a single day (because in my other freetime I should finish homework and all that kind of stuff).

But why?!

The LD48 is the perfect occasion to try out something new and of course to challenge yourself. You will get a topic and then you have 48 hours to figure something out: You are bound to learn cool new things!
Also I don't want to miss that opportunity to jam next to thousands of others, and also next to my comrades of my current bigger game project: Oppression.

Unity 3D

But not only that, but I want to start learning a new engine, and that is Unity3D, AND I want to make my very very first 3D game, yes, all that on a single day.
Impossible you say? Nope! Well, let's see what happens on Sunday ;)


As I have told you in my last blog post, I am now 2 weeks in a new Game Project, made with Slick2D again, and with Java. I have even done a little progress on a task assigned to me, check it out:

Don't get too excited, the only thing I've actually made myself was the textbox (that transparent rectangle), added title, text and the possibility to add a Sprite to the left, too. It's not a whole lot, but you do small steps towards a great game, right?! YEAH!
Go Dweamteam!!!

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