#1GAM Feb: Gameplay video #1

I made a short gameplay video to show you guys my progress so far!

As you can see, my bad collision somehow works alright, and two different jumping features are implemented, as well as scrolling and ending and dying (which just resets the player).

The next thing I have to work on is a concept actually. So I have this jetpack thing going on, I will probably stick with this. So next step would be to build a concept around this feature, and maybe a little story so I can get some graphics on this thing!

Btw, shout-outs to all the fellow game developers and proud members of the OneGameAMonth-Community! I hope you have successfully climbed "the wall"!
For all the ones who are interested in Game Developing: Take the chance and try to make a game this month! It will truly help you out and experience something new. It's an amazing acomplishment once you stick with it!

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