This is it!

I finally jumped on the GameDev Blog train, let's set course to my very first project!

In school the "Digital Games" exam is basically a game, our "own version" of the old school Frogger.
I can't really give you any previous progress steps, but I can give you THIS!

Some notes:
- You see at the top: 0.75 I am almost done with it, what I definitely have to add are sounds, some more Rupees (I plan on putting them all across, the further away the higher value they are and so on) but my prototype is definitely done
- I still have to replace lots of GFX, all the moving objects except the frog actually
- And I have to add a "manual", the menu and an game over screen, so there is still lots of work to do!

And now I would like to tell you about my favorite thing about new years:

One Game a Month #1GAM
This is my new years resolution and the reason I started this blog. It's basically a collection of people, having the same personal challenge to finish one Game every month. The idea behind is that normally people start games (projects in general actually) very enthusiastically but then there is one point you just can't get through and you forget about the awesome project.

If you are interested yourself, of course you can start early, or late, sign up! It's an awesome way to keep you busy and actually get things done, so hop on the GameDev boat and get rockin'! 

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